Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feeling Ga-Reat in Month 8

Another fun month for Thatcher to report.  He spent 75% either swimming or playing in water.  He is definitely hiding gills somewhere on his body.  He has no problem going under water and LOVES to swim.  We have had multiple people tell us he is the next Michael Phelps!
He has not had very many new milestones, just honing in on his old ones...crawling,eating and talking.  He does wave now, which I find odd, because I never taught him that.  Just very social, I guess.  His biggest milestone for this month is TEETH!  He finally sprouted some-2 in fact.  And he is working on another one on top.

Weight- 17.5 lbs 13.4%
Height- 27.5" 36%

Every time I weigh him, I expect his percentages to go up, but alas, he is still a tiny peanut.  He eats SO much!  The only explanation is he must have a stellar metabolism!

 2nd Popsicle...only at grandma's house
 Aunt Courtney
 Swimming with Max

 First time eating "real" food...peas and lima beans
 Drive-In Movie
 "they call me boobs mcgee"

Who wouldn't want to float and drink their bottle at the same time?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Father's Day Kayak Trip

Since this was Nate's first Father's Day, I wanted to do it right.  I had already taken Thatcher to Color Me Mine to make a frame with his upside down hands because Nate is "Best dad, hands down".  I just needed a gift from me.  Thankfully, the week of Father's Day, Groupon had a deal for an overnight Kayak Trip in Hocking Hills.  Right up Nate's alley!!!!  I was able to make the reservation for Sat/Sun.  After talking to the kayak people, I was convinced we could just bring Thatcher along in the Moby wrap.  But in the end, we both decided it would be safer if he stayed with Grandma Brown.  (I was hestitant though-I had not spent a night away from Thatch yet)  So we kind of compromised.  My mom followed us down and hung out at the campsite/beach with Thatcher for the day.  Totally not up her alley, but she ended up having a great time!
We got there early Saturday morning, set up our camp, kissed the babe goodbye and headed to our drop off point.  I had only ever kayak'd in the Puget Sound or on a lake, so this river kayaking was a new experience.  It was so much fun, especially in the rapids.  Along the way, we saw 2 live deer and multiple other creatures.  Because we put in at 11am, we only ran into about 5 people all day.  It was like we had the whole river to ourselves!  I truley enjoyed every moment with just the 2 of us! ( I have to admit I was a bit nervous for it to be just us...we have not had an alone moment for 7+ months.  It seems so silly, but true.  I could not have been more wrong though, it was just what we needed to rekindle to romance ;)
Along the way, we came across an island with a sandy beach.  It was about 1/2 way, so we parked and had a little snack/tan sesh.  Again, we were all alone in the middle of nowhere.  It was sooo quiet and serene.
We were on the river for about 4 hours total.  One of the best parts was coming around a bend and seeing Thatcher playing on the beach with grandma.  I paddled faster than I had all day.  I loved my time with Nate, but I was sooo ready to see my baby!
We parked our kayaks for the night and headed back to camp to make foil dinners with steak and seasoned potatoes!  So good.  We even had time for a short hike at Ash Cave.
It was then time for my mom to head back home with Thatch.  It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.  We headed to bed early since we had another long day of kayaking ahead of us.  Unfortunetly, we woke up the next morning to thunder storms.  We checked the radar and decided it was not safe.  So we packed up, got a rain check to come back and headed home to see my baby!
It was the perfect gift and Nate loved it.  He deserves it though.  I could not ask for a better dad for Thatcher.  He is so attentive to his needs and I never have to ask him to do things for him.  He races me to get him when he wakes up and will even ask, "Can I wake him up yet?" because he misses him as much as I do when he sleeps.  He may still gag from time to time when changing a poopy diaper, but I will cut him some slack there...it CAN be pretty stinky sometimes.
We love you, Daddy!
 Waiting to be dropped off

 a Kayak Kiss

 Watching daddy cut the fire wood
 Ash Cave

Spash Park

Here in Ohio, it gets HOT, especially this summer.  Thankfully, they have these great splash pad/parks to cool off.  And thankfully, Thatcher already shares his parents love of the water!  In June alone, we probably went 3-4 times. 
Next year, I am sure he will be running through them like all the big kids!

 With Max & Emily

The infamous Bunny Park

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Seventh Heaven

Wow, Seven Months sounds so old!  He is officially over half a year old!  It has been such a fun month with LOADS of milestones.

Weight-17.25 lbs.-16.5% (up only 3%)
Length-27.25 in-41.5%

Can feed himself finger foods
Drinks from a sippy cup
Still in size 3 diapers
Mostly in 6-9 moths but still fits 3-6 and *gasp* some 0-3!
Sleeps until about 5am, nurses and then goes back to sleep until 8:30am
Now reaches for us and gives us "kisses"
and his biggest accomplishment...he is officially MOBILE!  He starting army crawling this month and can get ANYWHERE!  I find him in the silliest places...under the ottoman, wedged in between the couch and coffee table, under the kitchen table; you name it, he has ventured there!

I hear ALL THE TIME how fast time flies with a baby, but it is all the sudden coming true.  The first 6 months were very enjoyable, not fast nor slow, but this last month has FLOWN by!  Makes this mommy sad...not sad enough to want another yet, but sad none-the-less.

Picture Time!

 Grandma's here!

 First Freeze Pop

Movie in the Park-Cars 2 at the Columbus Commons
 After church nap with Daddy

 Notice a trend?  We <3 to swim!

Got his stunna' shades on