Monday, February 20, 2012

Weeeeee....Month Threeeee!

Thatcher turned 3 months old on the 18th.  This has been the months of smiles, for him and us.  He LOVES to smile and we LOVE to see it.  It isn't hard to get him to do it, which is fine by us.  Below are his stats:

14.1 lbs-61%
                      = one healthy babe!
24.5 in-65%

Some new developments this month:
Super Drooly
Much more vocal
Still rolling over from stomach to back
Close to rolling from back to stomach
Has a more established eating/sleeping schedule
Still wakes up once a night
Still fits in most 0-3 months clothes and some 3-6
Wearing size 2 diapers

 he has a small obsession with grabbing/holding onto things

Best Friend, Max
 First walk-with Iva Peck
 my funny sleeper
 2nd walk with Max Peterson

 Tummy Time
 Sunday Best
 Nap time with Daddy
Happy 3 months, Boo Bear!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Day in the Life of...

Since my life and daily schedule have changed so drastically in the last few months, I really wanted to document what one of my days is typically like.  I also know it is going to continue to change, so I may have to do this every few months or so.
I knew the night before I wanted to do this, so I kept my camera by the bed for when my day officially started.  I actually woke up a few min before Thatcher, so I was able to get the first shot while he was peacefully sleeping.  As you will see, it did not last long.  He pretty much only cries if I do not feed him fast enough.
 why so sad?
 9am-bath time
10am-nap time
 11am-working on taxes

 12pm-laundry, laundry and more laundry
 1pm-getting ready on mom time, ie after lunch
 2pm-uploading videos of Thatcher to youtube and FB
3pm-one of the many nursing sessions throughout the day
 4pm-putting away laundry
 5pm-driving to pick up Nate's Grandpa
6pm-dinner with Great-Grandpa
My days are not always so full, but it seems this is pretty consistent as far as my daily routines go.