Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2nd Month of Bliss

Thatcher turns 2 months old today!  Like the title says, it has been pure bliss.  We have soaked up every moment we have with him.
He had his 2 month ped. appt. yesterday.  Here are his stats:
Weight-12.3 lbs or 64%
Height-24 in or 82%
Dr. Tim was very happy with his weight gain and SUPER impressed that he kept rolling over on his own in front of him.  I guess they don't typically start that until 3-4 months.  Here are some fun facts about the Thatch Man:

He loves bath time, always has
He is getting great at smiling and cooing, even when not provoked
He has a HUGE fascination with lights.  No matter where he is placed in a room, he will find the light and fixate on it.  Don't quite know what it means, but lights are bright, so we think he's bright ;)
He loves to snuggle with both mommy and daddy and we probably love it even more
He is starting to sleep 4-5 hour stretches at night
He still makes the great infant sounds that we love
Since birth, he has always placed his thumb in between his middle and fore finger, like he "has your nose"  Something we think is endearing
He has already accrued some fun nicknames.  Nate calls him Thatchee and I call him Bear, or Bear-Bear
And last but not least, his best fact is that he is an amazing baby.  For weeks, I kept waiting for "the other shoe to drop"  I am happy to report, it is still floating high!  He is so chill and happy.  I know I sound like a broken record, but we have thouroghly loved being his parents.  We feel so blessed he chose us.
Now for the fun part, the pics!
 New Year's Eve

 All my favorite boys

 First Osh Gosh's

 Loving his Moby Wrap
Happy 2 Month, Bear!


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Happy 2 months Thatcher! You sure are a cutie and such an amazing baby! So glad we get to hang out with you!

Carolyn said...

Very cute pics! Glad everything is going so well!

Melanie said...

So so cute!! Being a mom is so great, isn't it? I'm still so happy for you guys. We need to meet him someday!