Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stayin' alive in month Five

I say this because, so far, this has been Thatcher's toughest month.  He went from sleeping 12 hours through the night to sometimes waking up 2-3 times, even sometimes screaming like he was having night terrors.  We also ran into a struggle with nursing.  My supply drastically dropped for some reason right after month 4.  It made for a very unhappy baby while I worked on getting my supply back up.  I was def. not ready to stop nursing.  I am happy to report that both issues, for the most part, have now been resolved; thankfully.  Here's hoping month 6 will continue to be good.
Stats for 5 months:

15 lbs-23.2% (he lost about .5 lb when we were going through his feeding woes.  Hopefully he will be back up at 6 months)
26 inches-57.3%

He spends more time on his belly (from his back) and  I spend more time rolling him back over because he gets pissed after a few minutes.  Even though he CAN roll back over, he usually does not.
He found his toes and LOVES to play with them
He has liked everything he has tried so far.  I have enjoyed making all his food, preservative free!  Here is his list:
Avocado, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Carrots, Bananas, and a little bit of ice cream
We think he does have a small allergy to green beans since he developed a rash on his chin after eating it, so we will wait to re-introduce them later
He is still getting more vocal-his new favorite noise is this weird grunting.  He mostly does it when we are eating because he insists on eating then too.  Isn't he too young for that? UH!
We are slowing attempting at moving his bedtime earlier and earlier.  He was going to bed anytime from 9pm on, but now goes to bed around 7:30 or 8.
He officially sits in a high chair to eat

Most of all, we are still just eating him up.  He brings so much joy (and sometimes frustration), but mostly joy.  Happy 5 months!

 Feel Asleep on my lap while playing cards the day of his shots :(
 My Good Morning Faces
 Even Thatcher appreciates Spring

 Future John Deer Owner
 COSI Water Table
 Still has a thing about holding onto things

 First time on a Swing

 I made this shirt about 3 years ago for a friend and then randomly got it back in a bag of clothes she gave me...kind of cool!

 How could you NOT love those thighs!?!
Chilling outside while mommy weeds the garden

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thatcher's First Easter

We had such nice weather for this year's Easter.  Even though Thatcher was not old enough to hunt for eggs, we still enjoyed sharing this holiday with him. 
We went over to Nate's parents for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt for the older kids.  His parents even hid eggs filled with goodies for the adults too.  It was a fun tradition to start.

 Bunny Bum

 Grandma Hayslip

6 Year Anniversary at Hocking Hills

This was our 2nd year going to the same Cabin in Hocking Hills for our anniversary.  There was only one minor change, we went from finding out the day before we were pregnant to having that very baby with us.  It was a very surreal moment.  It was another great stay, especially since I got to enjoy the hot tub this time!  We did lots of hiking, lots of soaking, grilling, game playing and just enjoying our secluded family time. 
 Cantwell Cliffs

 My Boys

 Relaxing after a day of hiking

 Cedar Falls

 It's hard work being carried around

 Can you see the whale?
 Upper Falls