Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thatcher's First Birthday Party

It took me a while to figure out a fun, somewhat unique, theme for Thacther's first birthday party.  I finally came up with a Dr. Seuss party.  It was actually really fun to find all kinds of fun food and decoration ideas on Pinterest (thank heavens for Pinterest)
 Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cupcakes
 Cat in the HAT Jell-O
 Green Eggs & Ham

 Carhart Overalls from Daddy

 I thought up & then made this for Thatcher.  It has all different latches and pictures of family behind each window & door.

Thank you for all who came and brought such fun gift for Thatcher.  It means a lot to us.

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Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Happy Birthday Thatcher! Thanks for letting us spend your special day with you!!! :)