Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zoo lights with the Fam

We hit up the Zoo Lights again this year, but had a new addition in tow.  Really, we had 3 new additions because my mom and sister joined us from the Northwest!  We could not have gone on a better night, weather-wise.  It was so warm and clear.  Of course, the lights never disappoint!
 All bundled up

 Art Deco

Sacked Out

Thatcher's Blessing

Thatcher was only 2 weeks old on his blessing day, but we wanted to get him blessed while both my mom and sister were here.  He did perfect, of course.  It is a day I have thought about/looked forward to for many years.  It was very surreal to finally experience it.  Nate did a great job too!  My mom and I made his blessing outfit...really she sewed 95% of it, and mostly by hand because it was so small.  We had to take it in multiple times and it was still too big on him.  Oh well, he still looked super cute and it will be a great memory.  Thanks, mom!
 Proud Parents
 My Mom and Sister

 Small gathering afterwards

West Jefferson Park Lights

Nate grew up in West Jefferson, which is about 10 minutes west of where we live now.  Every year, his little town has a park that is decorated with lights.  I have driven by it every year, but never gone in or participated in the events.  Since my mom was here, we decided to go and see what it was all about.  It really was amazing and Thatcher even got to sit on Santa's lap.

 Nate & I
 My mom & me
Waiting in line to see Santa

Thatcher is 1 Month Old...already!?!

 This has, by far, been the BEST month of my ENTIRE life!  I could not be more happy being a mom to this little man.  He has thoroughly enriched our lives.  Not even the sleep deprivation can touch the elation I feel daily.  Even though he is only a month old, we crammed a lot of activities and visitors in.  This post will just be an overload of pictures, but the following posts will be activities we have done in his first month. 

   First Sponge Bath

 First Real Bath

                                                                   Momma's Stud Muffin

 Go Bucks!

                         One of my Favs

 He is only a few days old here and I could not have been more happy to wake up to this sight!
 Already a deep thinker
One day old and Oakley already took a liking to him
Daddy is in LOVE
BEST Christmas present EVER

Just a "small" sampling of the Thatcher man.  We love you and are so glad you choose to join our family.