Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting my Kicks in Month Six

What a difference a month makes!  Thatcher has really come into his own this month.  He is already showing signs of his sense of humor.  He laughs all the time and it is so infectious.  I can't help but laugh every time he does.  We had another tough month, sleep-wise, but he seems to be turning a corner this last week.  He is still a tiny peanut, only gaining 5oz in 2 months!  His Dr. doesn't seem too concerned, but we have been trying to bulk him up with extra/larger feedings.  It already seems to be making a difference.  Dr. Tim was pretty impressed at his achievements at his 6 month appt.  Below are his stats:

Weight-15 lb 5 oz 13%
Length-26.75 inches 58.5%

Rolls all over the place-I am constantly amazed at how far he can get just by rolling.
Sits all on his own
Still eats anything I give him-New to his pallet this month-apple, pears, broccoli, cauliflower, turkey and barley
Is officially sleeping without his sleepsack- I thought he would need that for many more months.
Has moved into size 3 diapers
Eats solids twice a day and nurses the rest-hoping to keep up the nursing for a few more months
Holds his bottle by himself

Even though he still seems like our little baby, whenever I say 6 months, that sounds so old!  Part of me is grateful he is on the small size, if only to relish in the baby stage a little longer.

Glad he does not need to sleep with the sleepsack anymore
 Quilt from Great Grandma Brown

 Giving Great Grandpa kisses
 Already has a sweet tooth

 Pool Buddies
 He loves his cousin, Bryce

 Having fun in google+
He loves to help me hold things-the mail, my phone, the remote