Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple Picking

Thatcher and I were supposed to go apple picking At Lynd's Fruit Farm on Friday with the mom's from the ward, but he decided to stay up late the night before and then sleep in until 9:30am.  Luckily, the Crowley's were going Sat and invited us along!  It was THE perfect fall day, temperature-wise.  We all had a blast climbing the trees and getting our fill of apples.  I gave Thatcher a smallish apple when we first got there and was shocked at how much he was able to eat with his four little teeth. (see below video)
We then headed to the market and bought some more fresh produce.  It was really a great activity to kick off my favorite season!

 Thatcher and Camille
 da Boyz in da Tree
 THE perfect apple

 Our Haul
 Boys being boys and throwing apples

 We bought a Thatcher, very rare in these parts

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nursery Pics

I know it's a little out of order, but we FINALLY finished re-purposing his changing table. I did not want to add pics until then.  We painted it from red to brown and added drawer rails on the bottoms of the baskets.

just because he is so cute

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeling Fine when Turning 9 Months

I have LOVED Thatcher's personality this month.  He is really coming into his own and is so smart already.  With our trip to Hilton Head and summer winding down, it was a very busy month.  He has learned so many new tricks.  His stats are below:

Weight- 18 lbs  12.6%
Height- 28 in  41%

Has 4 teeth now-top 2 middle and top 2 bottom
He can pull up and cruise on furniture and baby gates
He claps on his own
He officially sleeps through the night, every night!
He loves to climb over things

He truly is the biggest joy in our life.  I am thankful EVERY day for his presence in our family.  Scroll down to the bottom for some video fun!
 Figuring out how to escape
 First Bike Ride

 Ohio State Fair

 Hilton Head

 I love how these turned out!

Fun Little Comparison