Monday, May 10, 2010

FGNO-Final Girls Night Out

"A true friend is just like a good bra, hard to find, but always there to lift you up"
The time is almost here for my WONDERFUL & AMAZING group of friends to say goodbye.  Just typing that makes me get all misty.  I think I have been in denial for the past few months, but the time has come to face the music.  Almost every night, I thank my Heavenly Father for the friends he has sent to me.  I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve such amazing women in my life.You have all been wonderful examples, shoulders to cry on, provided couches to laugh on and many nights of competitive gaming.  I feel like there are no words out there to describe the feelings of gratitude I have for each and every one of you.  Each one of you has touched my life in a way that will never be the same.  You have all thrown a pebble into my pond, and the ripples will continue to shape my life for the better. (from misty to waterfall now)  Please know that I will never forget all the silly times we have shared together.  I hope life will somehow bring us back together some day, if not here on earth, well, you know where.
Alright, Trinette, dry the tears so I can end this with some awesome pictures of our LAST time all together.  Here's a little background for those friends and family outside of Ohio.  I wanted to throw one last bash to send our friends off who are graduating and moving away.  We originally had started our plan with a hotel stay, dinner and shopping.  Like all things, we added and had to delete in the process of tweaking this weekend to be just right.  In the end, the schedule of events went something like this: Meet at my house at 5pm.  Quick photo shoot (minus Leah & Mel P)

Carpool, Mormon-style, to Easton for dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  Because we could not make a reservation, the wait was at least 2 hours.  No problem, call me Miss Improvise.  We headed to Auntie Ann's Pretzels for a quick bite to hold off our appetites.  Leah and Mel P showed up and we decided to have our Scavenger Hunt now instead of after dinner.  This could not have turned out better.  We split the teams up by last name, handed out the clues, went over the rules and we were off!  Since I made up the rules, I became the official photographer for my group.  For posterity stakes, I will include each clue with the corresponding picture below.  Oh, this was so much fun and made for MANY laughs along the way!

Clue #1-You can find these in cars or on a Leprechaun's shoe.  BUCKLE  Take a picture with someone who is wearing the title of this store.
Not quite girls
Clue #2-A pair of these shares the name with one of Trinette's dogs.   Go to the store that sells them. OAKLEY or SUNGLASS HUT  Take a pic with everyone wearing a pair.
Clue #3-Goldilock's enemy+we____this city on rock n' flip it. BUILD A BEAR  Take a pic wearing a article of clothing from here.
Clue #4 Find Brittney's favorite treat.  GODIVA  Take a pic spelling out this store's name with your arms/bodies.
Love the backwards G ;)
Sorry for my capital V, Leah.  Your i is still cute.
Clue #5-If Leah could spend money at any store, where would she go? ANTHRO  Take a pic with 3 articles of clothing from this store.
 For those or you that missed Ashley's excitement, I thought I would blow it up for you.  Love you, Ashley!
Clue #6-You would go to FL for an orange, but you would go here for a good pear.  HARRY & DAVID  Take a pic with an employee from this store.
Running (notice Kim's eye in the corner, LOL)
Clue#7-Ashley, Laura Lee & Kimberly have been spending many hours at a place just like this.  LIFETIME FITNESS  Take a pic on one of their machines.
Clue#8-Rock & Cinnamon share this 2nd word.  ROLL  Take a pic riding what this store sells.
Run, Brittney(Isabelle), Run!!
Clue #9-Find the store with the Crocodile Logo.  LACOSTE  Take a pic making a crocodile's mouth with your arms.
 I think Mel's croc wanted to eat Ashley ;)
Clue#10-Utah's Gateway mall and the Bunny Park have this in common.  FOUNTAIN  Take a pic doing the O-H-I-O in THE MIDDLE.  This is how my team won, we followed directions...JK guys!  You did have a better OHIO though.  Ours was a little wet ;)
Dinner at Cheesecake Factory
Final picture in front of the fountain (minus Leah, Mel P & Mel E)
From top L to R-Lyndzi, Mel T, Karlie (barely, Fun Size), Adrienne
From bottom L to R-Laura Lee, Kimberlie, Trinette, Ashley, Brittney
We headed back to my house after this.  We ate our cheesecake, played a few games and did what us girls do best, stay up until 3:30am and talked.
Thanks to all my friends for an amazing night!  I will cherish every minute.


McBrides said...

Loved our gno! Seriously, who doesn't love a night of delicious food, a fun scavenger hunt, and watching a giraffe give birth...dropping it's poor little baby like 4 feet :) Thanks again, such a fun night! I'll miss you guys!

The Albrecht's said...

Love, love, love this post! Thanks so much for an awesome girls' night that I will never forget!! I had a blast with all you girls and I loved getting to know each and every one of you. Those of you who are sticking around, PLEASE come and visit me!! I will come and visit too, I'm only 3 hours away:)

Ashley said...

Oh Trinette - I don't know what's better, the pics or your commentary. I was laughing out loud. Thanks for the incredible night and all of the time and work you put into making it some memorable!! You're irreplaceable.