Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thatcher is ONE and OH SO FUN

Thatcher turned one back in November, but the Holidays came and went so fast, I never found time to blog about it.  He is such a different little boy now.  Even though I still call him my baby every day, I am starting to see little glimpses of boy.  He is understanding more and more and never ceases to amaze me. I can say without any hesitation that this past year has been the best of our lives.  There is no other time in my life that can even come close to comparing to the joy of this past year.  Even though it did go by fast, we packed in so many activities, adventures and "firsts".  I am sure Thatcher will not remember any of it, but his dad and I will.  We won't forget the baby coos, his own cute way of army crawling, all the fun swimming and splashing throughout the summer, the look of pure joy on his face at the beach in Hilton Head, the way he knew what to do with a sucker for the first time, or the way he had no hesitation when diving into his birthday cake.  Even though it was Thatcher's birthday, we were the ones who received the best gift ever...parenthood.  Being a mom completes me.  I have never felt such purpose.  I love teaching him new things and I love watching him repeat what he learned.
 For the last time until maybe 18 months, here are Thatcher's stats and milestone:

Weight - 21 lbs-20%  \
                                     String Bean
Height - 30.5 in-67%  /

Points with pointer finger
Size 3 diapers
Wears 9-12 mo. clothes
Hums when I sing to him
Will dance when asked to
Understands "switch hands"
Starting to take his first steps
Holds his hands, palms up when asked "where did she go"
Words: momma, daddy, doggy, bye-bye

Thatcher's Favorites at year ONE:
his dog, Oakley-he says "dog-dog" every time he wakes up or sees him
Singing and music
Food, food, and FOOD
his bedtime blankie
and he is slightly obsessed about opening and closing doors, cabinets, drawers, really anything with a hinge!

 One year birthday pictures

 You would think it was baked with lemons
 First Thanksgiving Dinner
 Decorating Tree 1 of 2